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Since 1988, John Lesch has hand crafted high-end custom wood furniture. Working from his studio in St. Louis, John Lesch collaborates extensively with interior designers and their clients, working primarily on a commission basis. John fabricates fine furniture based on drawings or photos his customers provide, engineering workable solutions to the problems that arise during the design process.

John has also produced a sizeable body of work of his own design. His earlier work was influenced heavily by Art Deco and Biedermeier furniture, and combined geometric design patterns with exotic veneers and contrasting woods. John's recent work has a more natural feel, utilizing solid wood planks with their natural edges as major elements in the designs. He has exhibited his work in galleries in the Midwest and on the East Coast.

John attended the Studio Art Furniture program at The Worcester Center for Crafts in Worcester, Massachusetts. During the two-year program, he also apprenticed with master craftsman Robert March, thus gaining practical experience in the art of fine furniture design and construction. Since starting his practice, John has built a network of contacts in St. Louis and Chicago. For the past ten years, John has worked predominantly with Chicago-based design firms. In addition, John has close ties with St. Louis metal workers, and extensive experience incorporating metal components and details into his work.

John Lesch Design is an environmentally friendly operation. Every effort is made to use sustainable wood products and low emission finishes. Likewise, through his steadfast commitment to produce only the highest quality product from the finest materials, John is working to change the mentality of planned obsolescence and throw-away products.

John feels that the most important quality in his work is respect for all aspects of the activity. This includes respect for the client, the materials being used, the product produced, and the worker himself. Products of John Lesch Design are built to be treasured, as lasting heirlooms.